Blue Abis is a live art production house dancing on the raw edge of theatre.

A hub of creativity where distinctive ideas and inventive concepts come to life, Blu Abis is on a mission to break the boundaries of conventional storytelling. Our artistic process distills the essence of ancient storytelling traditions to deliver timeless, profound, and paradigm-shifting messages through the most avant-garde methods of theater-making. Each production aims to take the audience on an exploration of the depths and mysteries of life through heartfelt storytelling.

Blu Abis takes pride in an ethos of plurality that celebrates the full spectrum of genders, sexual orientations, faiths, nationalities, and cultures worldwide. We believe that amplifying diverse voices is vital to expressing the shared humanity that unites us all.

Dive into the abyss and transform with us.

Ángela Amarilla


Amarilla is a writer and director. She has worked as a professor of literature and linguistics at several international universities. She has also worked as a columnist for Página 12’s LGBTQIA+ cultural supplement SOY, one of the most important of its kind in Latin America. Amarilla made her first foray into playwriting in 2018 with Les Quienes, which earned her a Operas Primas award for new theater directors from the Centro Cultural Rojas UBA. Since then she has written, directed, and staged plays in Argentina and Germany.

Tobias Gelbert


With 20 years of professional experience as a senior manager, consultant and managing director, Gelbert specializes in supporting individuals and teams in change processes. He has an educational and professional background in social, cognitive and business psychology. Gelbert is a passionate writer and actor interested in breaking new ground by exploring the unknown and integrating innovative ways of thinking.